Portraits of Motherhood

A portrait event to celebrate the love between you and your children benefiting Madison Area Parent Support.

When: Sunday October 14, 2018  9 am - 3pm

Where: Common Ground, 2644 Branch St, Middleton WI 


If you are a mom, you surely know very well how wonderful it is to have photos of your children. In fact, you’ve probably taken hundreds, if not thousands, of shots of your kids to document and remember both the everyday and the extraordinary in their lives. But other than the occasional selfie with your children, when was the last time you were photographed along with them? You surely will remember that you took a step back from the action to document the important moments in life, but will you have the photos to show that you were there as well? You are not just the chronicler of family life, but an integral and beloved participant in it, too.


As mothers, we are often very good at coming up with excuses about why we should stay behind the camera rather than getting enthusiastically in front of it. As a mom, I know that in twenty years I will probably wish I had more pictures of me with my beautiful children. And I’d venture to guess that you will too.


I invite you to join me, Catherine Hilcove of Catherine Hilcove Photography, on Sunday October 14th for a special photo event in celebration of motherhood and remembering that you were there too. Take 10 minutes out of your day to get in the frame with your kids and receive a set of timeless portraits showcasing the love between you and your children. All proceeds from the event will benefit Madison Area Parent Support (MAPS), a Madison-based organization that directly support parents during the postpartum period and beyond. By participating in You Were There Too, you can not only commemorate the beautiful and unique bond between you and your children, but you can also help local moms and dads through the difficult periods in their journey as parents.



Hi, I'm Catherine Hilcove, a Madison area photographer who specializes in storytelling birth and family photography. I'm passionate about capturing both momentous and everyday memories for my clients. I believe that pictures can help preserve and commemorate all that is important in life and that as a mom I owe it to my family to be present in our family photos. I know all too well how quickly time seems to rush by and how easy it is to forget the details of the present moment. I attempt to document my family's life together in order to preserve our legacy for all of us to look back on and the same impulse drives me to capture the lives of the families I work with. The immediacy of the joy, love, beauty and longing that I find in these captured memories is exactly what motivates me to document my own life and yours.



Madison Area Parent Support  is a Madison-based 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation that was founded to provide support and referrals for parents in the immediate postpartum period and beyond. Although MAPS has a specific focus on helping parents who are suffering from perinatal mood disorders, it aims to support all parents and to bridge the disconnect between pregnancy and the experience of parenting. Its vision is for parents to feel prepared for parenthood, for those with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to receive the professional care and support they need and for all parents to be aware of the resources available to help them in their parenting journey. 



  • Click on the "Reserve Your Session" button at the top or bottom of the page to book your 10 minute session

  • The cost for each session is $50, all proceeds to benefit MAPS

  • Each portrait session includes three full sized, digital files of your custom edited photos



Portraits of Motherhood

When: Sunday October 14, 2018  9 am - 3 pm

Where: Common Ground, 2644 Branch St, Middleton WI